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Jayden Fink and Karly Gallaher, of the  Brown County CEO Program, and driver Jeff Conn, General Manager of Kunes Auto Group of Quincy

Kunes Auto Group of Quincy Presents Kunes Car Convos: With the Brown Schuyler CEO Program in The 2024 Honda Pilot EXL

Published on Jan 17, 2024 by Talia Mushinsky

In this car convo…

  • 2:09 - Meet Jayden and Karly
  • 5:35 - Our favorite high school memories
  • 8:50 - First impressions
  • 11:12 - Justin Beiber and Taylor Swift!
  •  13:45 - Let’s cherish our time together

Recently, we had a delightful chat with two bright students, Jayden Fink and Karly Gallaher, from the innovative Brown Schuyler CEO Program. They joined Jeff Conn, General Manager of Kunes Honda of Quincy, for a ride in the sleek 2024 Honda Pilot EXL, and what a conversation it was!

What's the Brown Schuyler CEO Program All About?

Turning Young Minds into Future Entrepreneurs
The Brown Schuyler CEO Program goes beyond traditional classroom learning. It focuses on inspiring young minds, like those of Jayden and Karly, to dream big and become leaders. More than just creating future business owners, this program aims to develop innovative thinkers dedicated to enhancing our communities.


Experiencing Business in the Real World
Here, students plunge into actual business scenarios, learning by actively participating. They face real challenges, make critical decisions, and witness the consequences firsthand. It's an engaging and effective way to understand the nuts and bolts of how businesses operate.


Jayden and Karly's Eye-Opening Journey
Both Jayden and Karly have experienced remarkable growth in the CEO Program. They attend daily classes, meet with seasoned business professionals, and immerse themselves in genuine business environments. This platform offers them an unparalleled opportunity to craft and polish their own entrepreneurial ventures.

Getting to Know Jayden and Karly

Their Dreams and Aspirations
Jayden, a senior, is a bundle of energy and ambition. She's involved in volleyball, cheerleading, and various other school activities. Her dream is to pursue a career in law, eyeing a major in pre-law and a minor in political science.


Karly, also in her senior year, has a passion for cheerleading and drama. Once shy, the CEO program has helped her blossom into a confident individual. She's considering a future in either elementary education or the medical field.

Unforgettable Experiences in the CEO Program

A Visit to Remember at Kunes Honda of Quincy
Jayden expressed her awe at learning the intricacies of sales and marketing during their visit to Kunes Honda of Quincy. It was an eye-opening experience into the world of auto dealerships.


Karly's favorite business excursion was visiting ADM in Brown County, where she connected her childhood memories of dancing with the business aspects she learned.

High School Highlights

Cherished Memories and New Discoveries
Jayden's most cherished high school memory was the senior sunrise, a special moment shared with her classmates. For Karly, making the cheerleading squad and the friendships she formed were the highlights of her high school journey.


Jayden's Passion for Volleyball
Jayden shared her love for volleyball, especially the team spirit and the pre-game prayers that bring them all together.

Inside the 2024 Honda Pilot EXL

Comfort and Safety in the Snow
We discussed the comfort of the Honda Pilot's heated seats, perfect for the snowy weather outside. The vehicle's all-wheel drive ensures safety and stability, making it a great choice for any weather.

Fun Times and Karaoke in the Car

Unforgettable Moments at the Dealership
We laughed over a funny story about Jayden and Karly singing in their car before visiting our dealership. These spontaneous moments are what make life interesting!

Looking Ahead: Last Semester Goals

Cherishing Moments and Looking Forward
Both Jayden and Karly expressed the desire to cherish their remaining time in high school, recognizing the importance of these fleeting moments. They're focused on making the most of their final semester.

Gratitude and Reflections

A Journey of Growth and Learning
As we wrapped up our conversation, Karly thanked Kunes Auto Group for the enlightening experience. The visit, initially expected to be boring, turned out to be one of their favorites.

Bright Futures Ahead

It's clear that Jayden and Karly have bright futures ahead of them. Their time in the Brown Schuyler CEO Program has shaped them into confident, forward-thinking individuals. We at Kunes Auto Group are thrilled to have played a part in their journey and can't wait to see where their paths lead.

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